PlaySight technology powering the tennis experience at Frog Hollow

We first installed SmartCourt technology at Frog Hollow a few years ago, and we recently caught up with several members and one of the pros there to find out how they are benefiting from training and playing with PlaySight technology.

Frog Hollow staff professional Jared Morgan:

I have been teaching at Frog Hollow for three years and have been using PlaySight since its installation.  I teach a variety of players ranging from juniors as young as six to players looking to improve their sectional ranking to and adults from beginners to 4.5+.

My experience with PlaySight has always been that of competitiveness. I love the competition of who can spin the ball more, who can hit more balls in a specific area, who can serve the hardest while still hitting their target.

In terms of the clientele, there is sometimes initial reluctance because players are not used to seeing themselves on video.  However, once I show them my video and what it can do, they are usually sold.  For the juniors, it’s a competition between themselves and their future selves – can they make it to their goal and hit how they need to hit?

My favorite feature is the serve and return because it shows the players how well they are serving as well as the first shot after the serve, which is very helpful for servers to understand.  The match/tournament features are great because I get to see what my players are doing away from the coaches and on their own – away from the practice court.  It holds the players accountable in multiple ways and reinforces what we are doing together!  

I use our SmartCourt multiple times with my players to show improvements and milestones, and to have the video to show the player exactly what I am trying to teach them. As athletes/coaches we assume players know what they are doing with their bodies (adults included) and most of the time they have no idea.  So this is a great tool to show the players where they are breaking down or improving and to give them an obtainable goal to reach.

I hope we continue to see SmartCourts pop up everywhere as this technology is essential to our profession.  

Frog Hollow member Shirley Fazio:

I like using PlaySight. It’s a lot of fun to come home and watch the match you just played. What I like most about PlaySight is the ability to analyze my play and that of my opponents.  I can see and correct any of my mistakes while serving and playing, and while watching my opponents play I can make necessary changes to my strategy and technique.

Frog Hollow member John Germer:

What I am using PlaySight primarily for is my service. I’ll take half an hour every day that I’m not playing [a match] and I’ll go on the SmartCourt. I’ll work on getting my serves in 70 or 75 percent of the time, and then I’ll try to speed it up from there as opposed to just hitting the ball as hard as I can. At the 3.5 or 4.0 level, if you’re not getting your first serve in, you are going to get beaten a lot. And I am finding myself using the SmartCourt more and more on the regular strokes now. It’s a great way to make sure you are putting the reps in right.


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