PlayFair – The Future of Junior Tennis?

As you are likely aware of by now, we have been busy rolling out our new PlayFair Challenge system over the past several months.

We have helped to host PlayFair Challenge tournaments across the country – at JTCC in College Park, Maryland, at USC during the 60th annual Southern California Intercollegiate Championships, and with the USTA and Courtsense at the Bogota Racquet Club during a sanctioned tournament.

Our PlayFair Challenge system enables players and officials to challenge and review on-court line calls using SmartCourt video technology – multiple video angles available instantly.

The positive feedback has been overwhelming. We are excited to continue to expand the PlayFair footprint in 2017 – with the USTA at more sanctioned tournaments, throughout more collegiate events, working closely with the ITA and our college partners, and throughout the club, academy, and federation world.

#1) USTA Sanctioned PlayFair Tournament



Along with Courtsense and the USTA Eastern, PlaySight hosted the first ever sanctioned PlayFair Challenge Tournament at the Bogota Racquet Club in Bogota, NJ on Nov 18-20.

The tournament was a L1A girls tournament, and marked the first time in tennis history that a USTA junior tournament offered video review for line call challenges to players and coaches. The feedback from all tournament participants – players, parents, and the USTA officials – was unanimous – this has huge potential at increasing the fair play, enjoyment, and sportsmanship in competitive junior tennis.

“It’s a great system. Very easy setup, has very useful statistics to review at the end and offers the peace of mind for honest calls in tight matches. I think PlayFair should be in all tournaments.– Parent Testimonial

Challenge breakdown:
1. Groundstroke challenges: 16/19
2. Serve challenges: 2/19
3. Other challenges: 1/19

1. Successful challenges (player keeps challenge, call is overturned): 11/19
2. Bad challenge (player loses challenge, call remains): 8/19
3. Inconclusive challenge (too close to call, player keeps challenge): 0/19

VIDEO: Challenge in action!

#2) PlayFair at JTCC



JTCC is one of the nation’s top training academies (training ground for Denis Kudla and Francis Tiafoe, among other players), and they have been powered by PlaySight (with four SmartCourts) for three years. Some of their top juniors took part in the JTCC/PlaySight PlayFair Challenge on November 14-16.

Challenge breakdown:
1. Successful challenges (player keeps challenge, call is overturned): 11/40
2. Bad challenge (player loses challenge, call remains): 24/40
3. Inconclusive challenge (too close to call, player keeps challenge): 5/40

VIDEO: Challenge at JTCC #1
VIDEO: Challenge at JTCC #2

#3) PlayFair at USC (College Tennis)



The 60th annual Southern California Intercollegiate Championships, a storied and historic tennis event hosted by the Southern California Tennis Association, was won by USC freshman Brendan Holt.

The tournament featured PlaySight technology on all 6 of Marks Stadium tennis courts at USC. The participants (from 12 colleges) were each given three challenges per set, and were able to challenge both their opponents and officials.

Challenge breakdown:
1. • Successful challenges (player keeps challenge): 35/63
2. • Bad challenges (player loses challenge): 19/63
3. • Inconclusive challenges (too close to call, player keeps challenge): 9/63

• Groundstroke challenges: 33 (52 percent)
• Serve challenges: 30 (48 percent)

Guys were trying really hard to make the right call because they had ‘god’ above them. Last week at Regionals, several teams walked away with a bad feeling. We’re okay if we lose; we just don’t want to be robbed. I don’t think anyone left here yesterday feeling like they were robbed. – USC Men’s Head Coach – Peter Smith.

PlayFair Challenge system

PF system


The above video shows the SmartCourt kiosk screen interface as a PlayFair Challenge tournament is set up.

We encourage all of our club/college/academy/federation partners to set up their own PlayFair Tournaments – and let us know how they go!

We are connecting the next generation of athletes, and a big part of that is increasing fair play, sportsmanship, and enjoyment in competitive matches and tournaments. PlayFair with PlaySight.

JTCC PlayFair  19
JTCC PlayFair  4
JTCC PlayFair  2

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