PlaySight Tennis Tips: Return like Novak Djokovic

As a tennis player, it is important to know which kind of defender you are. Are you an Andy Murray style defender- more neutral balls with less speed, but more direction? Or are you a Novak Djokovic style offensive defender? If you don’t know, don’t worry- just ask your tennis pro.

In today’s PlaySight tennis training video, Paul Annacone shoes you how to return Novak – teaching you to stay close to the baseline and get the ball back to your opponent quickly, so you can maintain time control of the point against your opponent. The goal is to hit the ball short and early, while still trying to hit with depth. Move with urgency, so you are not getting rushed but you are rushing your opponent.

There’s no bigger weapon in tennis than taking your opponents time away.


Although Novak’s style may not be your style of play, this drill can help you when you get stuck in positions like this.

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