Intensity Tennis Club: The PlaySight Edge Since 2014

As one of the first clubs in New England to adopt our PlaySight technology, Intensity Tennis club saw first hand just how much PlaySight gave them an edge. “Nobody else in this area really has that so we are offering something that is high-tech, it’s innovative, it’s high level and we bring it to our club players,” Ernesto Faisal Director of USTA/Adult tennis. The addition of PlaySight technology to their state of the art facilities and impressive coaching staff has helped make Intensity one of the best tennis clubs in New England.

This club in Norwalk, CT offers adult recreational tennis programs, a high performance junior tennis academy and everything in between. Members appreciate that they can use the kiosk to analyze their own play and visually see the technical changes their coaches are trying to make.

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“Coaches can tell ladies all day long you need to bend your knees more, you need to rotate more, you need to drop your racquet, you can tell us all day long and the ladies may feel like they are doing that. And then you put them on the PlaySight video and you show them and their response is wow, I really felt like I was bending my knees. When they can really see the difference between what they are feeling and what coaches are seeing and then act on it makes a big difference,” Monica Overley, USTA League Team Captain.

Their academy specializes in training juniors and has really set the standard for junior player development with players going on to win national championships in both singles and doubles. Intensity aims to help their young athletes improve their game in the hopes of sending them off to flourishing college careers at top tennis programs.

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“We had a boy who had been coming up to try out our program over the past couple weeks, incredibly high level looking at all the top level schools in the country and from having PlaySight as a tool on the court we were able to make some huge technical changes. We would work for 15, 20 minutes and then go right over to the kiosk just to kinda show him what I wanted him to do, to see the instant feedback from a visual standpoint. We made some major changes to the stances he was hitting from that were really foreign to him and this is a young man whose worked with some of the best coaches in the country and multiple facilities and it had a huge impact on his game immediately,” Ryan Ginley, Head Tennis Pro.

Smart court technology has become an integral part of their club and what they offer members – a great example of how to use the PlaySight edge.

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